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Tallinn University is developing a competence development platform to support employee development to meet the needs of the 4th industrial revolution. Routine work is being delegated to machines and robots while people are increasingly employed in areas that require inter-personal and analytical skills. The skills needed in these roles are continuously changing however, and employers are faced with the challenge of keeping their staff’s skills up-to-date. The first step in keeping staff know-how current is to understand their competences. The competence development platform helps with this by summarising staff’s skills and motivation from different sources including place of employment, university records, job boards, personal input data et cetera.


The competence development platform simplifies the gathering of data and makes the process repeatable in short intervals. Using big-data analysis and machine learning allows employers to understand both company specific as well as general employment market skill requirement trends and to plan training accordingly. The platform also has an individual level analysis function which allows for personal career planning.


To participate in the development of the platform register here.

For more information please contact Kadri-Liis Kusmin:

Research & Development

Educational Innovation


EXU, Tallinn University

Narva maantee 25

10120 Tallinn, Estonia

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