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Our researchers could be your best partners when it comes to developing new cosmetic products. We can help you test the effect of different ingredients and how ingredients are best used in different proportions. The service includes several different tests to find out your products toxicity, durability, consistency, and anti-ageing properties and how to improve them.


The aim is to develop a unique or refined cosmetic formula based on your exact specifications. For our part, we provide scientific research in a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory with a specialized workforce.


TU Institute of Life Sciences and Health Sciences has already helped companies like Berrichi OÜ, Turbliss OÜ and LoondSPA OÜ in the process of cosmetics development.


Laboratory and consulting

Sustainable lifestyle


EXU, Tallinn University

Narva maantee 25

10120 Tallinn, Estonia

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