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Tallinn University provides you with everything you need for the making of imago video or for professional recording of a major event in your company or organisation.


Our Production Centre is equipped with professional video, audio and post-production gear that allows offering professional services. Tallinn University has the first 4K cinema hall in Estonia, a modern production complex with a television studio, a film studio, a sound studio and editing rooms. In addition to the premises, it is possible to rent a camera, sound and lighting equipment. Of course, we also provide a production service so that important events and messages from your organization can be professionally written.

For more information and price, lists click here or ask Elari Lend,


Next to the university's production center, there is an Estonian Digital Centre, which provides film post-production services. In particular, they can help with color correction, but they also provide other digitalization services. Find out more here.


Laboratory and consulting

Digital and media culture


EXU, Tallinn University

Narva maantee 25

10120 Tallinn, Estonia

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