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Gamification is using game elements in non-game situations. Mostly those are game elements (like challenges, scoreboard, graphics, etc.) but also game related qualities (e.g. emotions) that can be generated by design. Gamification is mainly implemented in order to increase motivation among participants and is used in different contexts. For example, in marketing the objective of gamification is to motivate consumers to buy more. In education, the objective is to increase
engagement among students. In health care gamification is used in order to influence patients to be more physically active or to monitor and control their medication.
Our current gamification service is designed for understanding the user’s needs and finding possibilities of how to gamify them. The outcome of the study is the design of a gamified service or product.


Laboratory and consulting

Digital and media culture


EXU, Tallinn University

Narva maantee 25

10120 Tallinn, Estonia

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