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Arm, leg, back and neck problems and other musculoskeletal complaints are significant causes of reduced working capacity. The Centre of Excellence of Health Promotion and Rehabilitation

at TLU Haapsalu College invented a therapeutic mud mixture and patented the method for its manufacture (patent application number P201500002, letters patent number EE 05778 B1). The mixture of curative mud and peat is intended for use mainly in preventative treatment of repetitive strain injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

A study conducted in 2016-2017 proved that following a 10-day procedure of applying thermoneutral curative mud and peat mixture to the arm, approximately 60% of the test subjectsshowed a statistically significant improvement in skin moisture content in the treated area,compared to the untreated area. According to subjective assessment of the respondents, the skin of 17% of the participants became softer.


Licenced to Leiger LK. Since 2017, Leiger LK manufactures a massage cream following the patented recipe.

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EXU, Tallinn University

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10120 Tallinn, Estonia

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