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With the increasing sedentary lifestyle of modern people, it is in everyone’s interest to counteract the trend, by increasing the availability of outdoor activities. For local government as for business, increasing the range of recreational activities available in managed locations increases their attractiveness as well as usage.
TLU maps the location, environmental conditions and potential as well as the potential user groups within and outside an area, to develop a framework of activities that can be implemented there. These activities can be anything from physical exercises to experiential learning trails, which help to motivate people to move more and thus develop both physically and mentally.
Investing in such increased recreational and educational facilities is reasonable both for local governments as well as non-profits, schools and tourism companies. 
For more information on how to develop the outdoor recreational facilities and opportunities of your business or region, please contact: Mart Reimann,

Laboratory and consulting

Sustainable lifestyle


EXU, Tallinn University

Narva maantee 25

10120 Tallinn, Estonia

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