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In 2016, Tallinn University launched a development program called „Future School“ in collaboration with Estonia's general schools. TLU education researchers and experts spend 10 months a year assisting selected schools develop new study methods and practices, focusing on flexible and collaborative methods of teaching and change management.


The program is designed to benefit schools in 3 different areas:

  • Teachers will get support and guidance in developing new study methods and assessing students’ development process (incl. increasing general awareness, problem based learning, teaching in a tech-rich environment, etc.);

  • School management will learn how to collect the necessary data and move towards evidence-based decision making;

  • School as an institution will increase its capability to manage, lead and direct change. (incl. how to smoothly integrate changes into study methods and how to support and motivate teachers).


The schools accepted into the program will be offered monthly development seminars and counselling sessions; each school will have an individual consultant whose task is to coach the school throughout the journey. Each school is expected to form a 5-member team including teachers, parents and support staff that will lead the change and the process in-house.


9 schools have so far taken part in the Future School program. New schools will be admitted in 2019. In order to join the program, a school must apply and justify what kind of changes they want to address, describe the current situation and the expected outcome.


More information available: (only in Estonian)


For more information please contact Eve Eisenschmidt:


The project is carried out with support from Estonian Government and European Social Fund under the sub-activity of “Development of competence centers at Tallinn University and University of Tartu” under the specific activity of “Application of modern learning concept and development of competence centers at Tallinn University and University of Tartu”.

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