Technological change and global competition are accelerating change. The skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow are increasingly centred around collaboration and continuous learning.


Obsolescence comes quickly, if companies and organisations cannot adapt to changing conditions and create a new future.


Digitisation and automation will disrupt all industries and the way to stay relevant is at the intersection of disciplines, in multi-stakeholder partnerships.


The only way to future-proof your organisation is through human-centred innovation.

What is

EXU is Tallinn University’s business innovation service. It connects public and private organisations with university researchers and students to develop long-term future proof solutions to real-life challenges.

Enterprise x University

EXU is for bold companies and organisations, looking for rigorous research and development partnerships to start large scale initiatives. We seek to commercialise the knowledge and experience of the university by shaping new products and services together with business and public institutions, in order to build an extraordinary future.


Latest news

R&D means that we’ve identified a common goal and we can build something valuable together. It can be a new product or service based on the university’s intellectual property. Or it can be a new initiative that we tackle together. Neither is limited to commercial proposals, as the approach can be equally applied to policy issues and blue-sky research. 

Sometimes, you need science to get things really right. Testing to with tools and methods unavailable in the cupboard down the hall. Here you’ll find help, that you can apply to your business today.

Service portfolio

Our portfolio consists of services and cases. Services are tools and methods we have developed. Cases are examples of successful research and development projects in partnership with private companies and public sector organisations.





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