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Katrin Tiidenberg

Professor of participatory culture @ Baltic Film, Media and Arts School at Tallinn University

Areas of expertise:

Social media practices, internet (sub)cultures, visual practices and culture, online communities, norms and identity negotiation, platform governance, technologically mediated wellbeing, use of health and wellbeing apps, digital research methods and ethics.

Katrin Tiidenberg is a Professor of Participatory Culture at the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School of Tallinn University, Estonia. She is the author and editor of multiple books on social media, digital cultures and digital research methods, including, most recently “Tumblr” (2021, co-authored by Natalie Ann Hendry and Crystal Abidin), “Sex and Social Media” (2020, co-authored by Emily van der Nagel), “Selfies, why we love (and hate) them,” the award-winning “Making sense of the Datafied World: a Methodological Guide” (2020, in Estonian, co-edited with Anu Masso and Andra Siibak) and “Metaphors of Internet: Ways of Being in the Age of Ubiquity” (2020, co-edited with Annette Markham). She is currently working on a project on platformization of sexuality and another one on the role of the internet in young people’s political participation. Her research interests span social media, digital cultures, networked visuality, technologically mediated trust, technologically mediated compassion, ethical design, internet governance and self-care.

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