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Pia Tikka

Associate Professor @ Baltic Film, Media and Arts School at Tallinn University

Areas of expertise:

Enactive media, neurocinematics, co-embodiment, virtual reality.

Dr Pia Tikka is a professional filmmaker and EU Mobilitas Research Professor at the Baltic Film, Media, and Arts School, Tallinn University. She holds the honorary title of Adjunct Professor of New Narrative Media at the University of Lapland and is a former Director of Crucible Studio, Department of Media, Aalto University (2014-2017). She acted as a main investigator of neurocinematics at Aalto University (2010-2017) and founded her NeuroCine research group to study the neural basis of storytelling. She has published widely on the topics of enactive media, narrative complex systems, and neurocinematics. Her filmography includes international film productions as well as two feature films and interactive films she has directed. She is a Fellow of the Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image and a member of the European Film Academy. Currently, she leads her Enactive Virtuality Lab associated with the MEDIT Centre of Excellence, Tallinn University.

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