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At the university-industry collaboration festival in early November 2018, Tallinn University introduced a new strategic partnership brand EXU.

Hosted by TLU, Estonia's leading universities and R&D institutions presented their latest research results and new development services at the 4th annual university-industry collaboration festival At the Right Time, in the Right Place. Researchers' 3-minute elevator pitches covered a wide range of topics from onboarding and work stress relief to the future manufacturing, digitation, service design and human-centred innovation, followed by panel discussions by reputable business executives.

The last presentation of the festival, delivered by Külliki Tafel-Viia of Tallinn University Open Academy, introduced Tallinn University's new strategic partnership concept EXU. In short, EXU denotes Tallinn University’s business innovation services. It connects public and private organisations with university researchers and students to develop long-term future proof solutions to real-life challenges.

A formula for success

The formula EXU = Enterprise x University expresses the multiplying effect of mutually beneficial partnerships for both businesses and academia built upon TLU's top-notch research and interdisciplinary human-centred innovation. EXU is for bold companies and organisations, that are looking for rigorous research and development partnerships in order to start large scale initiatives. EXU activities involve trends and demand analysis, product development and service design, sales and marketing support, including imagery and communication.


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