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Abiodun Afolayan Ogunyemi

Research Fellow in Digital Transformation @ School of Digital Technologies at Tallinn University

Areas of expertise:

Human-centred design methods, structural equation modeling, systematic literature review, data analysis, assessing the effectiveness of learning engagement indicators, assessment tool development.

Abiodun is a Research Fellow of Digital Transmission and Lifelong Learning at Tallinn University. His backgrounds are in Computer Science, Information Systems, and Human-Computer Interaction. Abiodun received his PhD at Tallinn University in Informatics, specifically researching in the domain of Human-Computer Interaction. He has over ten years of academic-industry knowledge. Previously, he worked in the lab for Non-textual materials at the German National Library of Science and Technology as a User Researcher/UX studies Specialist. Abiodun is a passionate advocate of human-centred software engineering. He is keen on integrating human-centred design methods into the software engineering process. Specifically, he is interested in tools and techniques for facilitating the integration of agile and UCD and identifying challenges associated with implementing agile UCD in companies. Currently, Abiodun is a member of the digital transformation and lifelong learning research team at Tallinn University. He is exploring how we can facilitate workplace learning in a situated manner without formalising the process. He is exploring the possibility of voice-controlled learning while performing work tasks and not shifting much attention from the task.

Previous and ongoing projects:

Project 1: RECOM: Redesigning Introductory Computer Using Innovative Online Modules. Erasmus+ Project (KA226-HE-098258)The project commenced from April 19, 2021, to 18 April 2023; and is funded with an amount of 261, 792.00 Euros.

Project 2: Development of Digital Ecosystem for the Nigerian Textile Industry (Digi-Textile). Funded by the Nigerian Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TetFund) and runs from 2021-2023.

Project 3: Enhanced Europeana Unified Playout Service INEA/CEF/ICT/A2017/1564684 Europeana Media for the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency Department C, Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), TELECOMMUNICATIONS SECT (01.09.2018-29.02.2020)

Project 4: Development of assessment tool for supporting the maturity of HCI practice in software development companies. Doctoral research project. Funded by Tallinn University research grant. 2017

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