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James Sunney Quaicoe

Research Fellow @ School of Digital Technologies at Tallinn University

Areas of expertise:

Teacher Education and ICT use in schools (Digital Divide/Equity and Inclusion, Social Technical Transitions and School Digital Learning Ecosystems development); Media, Education, Digital Literacy, Skills needs assessment, Digital Transformation and Lifelong Learning; Intercultural Competence.

James Sunney Quaicoe is a Research Fellow at the school of Digital Technologies - University, Tallinn. He has worked at the various levels of the educational sector in Ghana and internationally as a teacher and lecturer. Furthermore, he also has worked as an educational administrator - served as a headteacher and as Assistant Director of Education in Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis in the Western Region of Ghana, and oversaw communications, technology Integration and innovative teaching and practices in schools. Currently, he is part of the Digital Transformation and Lifelong Learning research group as a research fellow - in addition to teaching roles in the areas of social technical transitions, collaboration and co-operation for innovation (Digital Transformation) and change in communities and networks. Academically and professionally, he holds teachers’ professional certificate and diploma, a bachelor’s degree in technology education, master’s degrees in Estonian Studies, ICT in Education and Educational Administration; and a doctorate degree in Information Society Technology, - with focus on equity in digital innovations and teaching and learning. James likes supporting individuals to reach the finest of their professional and personal aspirations; and likes being referred to as teacher.

Previous and ongoing projects:

Project 1: TKA21098 - RECOM: Redesigning Introductory Computer Using Innovative Online Modules. Erasmus+ Project (KA226-HE-098258)The project commenced from April 19, 2021, to 18 April 2023; and is funded with an amount of 261, 792.00 Euros.

Project 2: TKA21170 - "Leading universities - catalysts for change (1.03.2021−28.02.2023)", With Mart Laanpere, Tallinn University, School of Digital Technologies, Centre for Educational Technology.

Project 3: TF3421 - "Leadership in digitally enhanced transformation in facilitating learning in communities, enterprises and organizations (LEAD) (8.03.2021−31.12.2022)", With Larissa Jõgi, Tallinn University, School of Educational Sciences, Tallinn University, School of Digital Technologies

Project 4: TRU17091 -"Games for Learning Algorithmic Thinking (2.10.2017−1.10.2019)", With Mart Laanpere, Tallinn University, School of Digital Technologies, Centre for Educational Technology.

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