How to work with us?

R&D means that we’ve identified a common goal and we can build something valuable together. It can be a new product or service based on the university’s intellectual property. Or it can be a new initiative that we tackle together. Neither is limited to commercial proposals, as the approach can be equally applied to policy issues and blue-sky research. 

To survive the future, we must make better humans.


Having good services and products is no longer enough. Nor is operational efficiency. This is the new normal. To deliver value to your customers / users, you need to innovate and develop your business based on an in-depth understanding of customer needs, that may have nothing to do with what you are selling.


Through inter-disciplinary human-centred innovation that up-skills and re-skills people, we help them manage the unexpected situations that require creative and cooperative problem solving in the jobs of tomorrow.

Research & development is time-consuming and unpredictable. While incremental improvements can be done in-house, future-proof research & development is best done with partners. This allows you to focus on your business, while the university helps you develop your next big thing, that isn’t three months, but three years in the future.


Our R&D can help you develop your organisation or business within our core competence areas. University research lends credibility along with a rigorous scientific approach that can provide a competitive advantage in an even more globalised future.



Education, Digital, Culture



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Sometimes, you need science to get things really right. Testing to with tools and methods unavailable in the cupboard down the hall. Here you’ll find help, that you can apply to your business today.

Tallinn University operates state of the art laboratories.

For companies and organisations, this means a controlled environment to conduct tests in:

  • user experience (UX) design and interaction design

  • virtual reality, augmented reality and gamification

  • digital media and content creation on different platforms

  • upskilling and reskilling, workplace learning and learning efficiency

  • employee wellbeing, work environment and work performance   

  • digital learning and outdoor learning

  • tourism and recreational services
    health diagnostics and rehabilitation
    training efficiency, body composition and movement

  • health, beauty and food products’ efficacy, composition and durability     

  • public services’ development

When laboratory testing is not required, but you need to discuss a hypothesis, it pays to speak to those who’ve got experience.


We can help guide you onto the right track, before you commit too many resources.






To find out more, or to discuss your future needs, contact us through the form below.

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